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Should You Learn More About the Law of Attraction? December 17, 2008

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Sometimes people wonder if they should learn more about the law of attraction and how to use it in their lives. Then maybe they get discouraged or a little bit skeptical. And that’s okay. I actually encourage that. You see, if you were just to believe everything that was fed to you, you wouldn’t know what to believe. Because there are so many different theories on how to achieve things or how to produce certain outcomes in life.

And we have all been taken for a ride at least once in our lives. So, of course you should be somewhat skeptical. The law of attraction is not in my opinion some miracle cure for everything that goes wrong in our lives. However, when you are consciously aware of it and making decisions in order to benefit from it, that is when you will see things begin to shift.

And that is how it happens. It’s a shift. Some gurus will try to sell you the idea that if you buy their program or coaching, you can attract cars and money into your life in a week. And this is why most people are skeptical. Again, you begin to make shifts. Maybe some people will have unexpected windfalls or something like that, but most people won’t. When you think like that, it’s like trying to win the lottery.

You should learn more about the law of attraction if you want to make lifestyle changes. Instead of trying to magically attract a new car in 30 days or attract a huge sum of money for no reason, the law of attraction can instead help you to create a lifestyle that you want. And that includes the whole picture.

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By Bryan Appleton

Bryan Appleton is an author of self-help motivational literature as well as an entrepreneur and investor. He is a single father and has made it one of his life’s goals to try and help other people live the lives they are dreaming of.


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