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Positive Attitude April 9, 2008

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How can anyone be positive when things are going wrong? Your life is in shambles and you are unable to pick yourself and move forward. Today the world is faced with a financial crisis and people are stressed and anxious. I believe that cultivating a positive attitude will help people to move forward and relieve themselves of some of the uncertainty.

Positive attitude is a state of mind. It is when someone is hopeful and looks at the bright side of things even when the situation looks bleak and dismal. It enables a person to believe in himself/herself.

Because of my brain damage, learning simple things is challenging. My early years at school were a big struggle. I spent hours with homework. Things that should have been completed in half an hour took three hours. My parents spent hours simplifying concepts so that I understand what was being done. Studying for tests meant even more hours and I barely scraped a pass mark. Those marks did not reflect the hours I put in to the work. That was enough for me to get down and depressed. The minute my parents saw signs of self pity, they intervened. They encouraged me to celebrate my pass mark and pointed out that I was successful. They made me realize that the long hours paid off. I followed their advice and realized that the self talk was important.

The ability to have those inner conversations boosted my confidence and made me work even harder. Self talk is powerful. My positive thought pattern soon became part of me and that enabled me to overlook every obstacle I encountered. Today, I continue to look at every negative occurrence as a blessing. I seek the lesson from each situation and try to improve. I must admit that it was tough to do initially but with practice, it has become natural.

If a positive attitude has caused me to believe in myself and my limited abilities, it can work wonders for you. Think of being successful and you will work towards success. Obstacles will appear. That is a guarantee. What you do with those obstacles is what will dictate what happens. The first thing that may creep in your mind is that you cannot continue. Replace that negative thought immediately. Replace it with a positive one. The faster you do this, the better off you will be. Create a mental picture of what you want for yourself and follow the path that will lead you to success.

It is also important to surround yourself with positive people and those who want the best for you. My parents and extended family were always there to help me along the way. In like manner the positive people around you can motivate you and pick you up when things are not going the way you planned. When you develop positive attitude you will motivate yourself as well as others. You will have an aura around you that is contagious. You will be full of energy. This energy gave me the push to do well and fulfill my dreams.

What I find extremely helpful is reading inspiring stories. These I find refreshing and they remind me that anything is possible. I try to get rid of the negative in my life; people, thought or thing. Once that is done I feel free and light. I feel energetic and full of life. Positive attitude is a habit. Practise it everyday and it will become normal and part of you.

I did and I truly believe that it is a useful tool in ever person’s life. Walk through every shadow in your life and work your way to the sunlight. I continue to enjoy that sunlight.

By Azeem Kayum