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No Limitations on Beauty September 9, 2008

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The Happy Musings for the Day: Life knows no limitations in expressing itself beautifully.

Everywhere you look you can find something beautiful.

I walk to work each morning from a little cottage to my gallery eight blocks away. Along the way I get to see the most beautiful roses. I smell the roses, admire their colors and thoroughly appreciate them. I don’t know if anyone else smells these flowers or notices them except as a blur when they drive by. But I do and I know the flowers appreciate the attention. Why else are they here but to be beautiful. Sometimes I tell them how lovely they are and how much I admire their particular sweet perfume. Sometimes I tell them that they brighten my day. Sometimes I just stand in awe.

Other times I’m in a hurry and I walk past the roses without taking notice of them. Later I realize that I have missed one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. I wonder if the roses noticed, on those days, that they were passed over.

Sometimes when I walk home in the evening, I walk along a path on the side of a hill that borders the ocean. The view is magnificent, especially at twilight. Pelicans sit below on white rocky outcroppings from the hill as they await the falling sun. It is peaceful except for the sounds of the seagulls hurrying to the beach They are as majestic in their own way as the pelicans and roses are in theirs. They line up on the beach to honor the setting sun, just as the roses open their faces in the morning to honor the rising sun.

I am lucky to have so much beauty around me.

“Life is wonderful!”
Copyright 2008 Sally Huss

Sally Huss has been a writer and artist all of her life. She is a native Californian who studied art at Occidental College before graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Fine Arts.

Along with her creative talents, Sally developed her skills on the tennis court. She became National Junior Champion and a Wimbledon semifinalist before putting down her racket for a full-time career as an artist/writer.

Sally’s art ranges from large and lively impressionistic canvases to deliciously colorful fish, florals and landscapes on paper. She paints daily in her gallery/studio in the heart of the art district of La Jolla, California at 7932 Ivanhoe.

By Sally Huss

Sally Huss has written and illustrated greeting card lines for Hallmark, American Greetings and Suzy’s Zoo for over 20 years. In the last 3 years she has created a daily feature called Happy Musings, which King Features syndicated for newspapers world-wide. From her archives Sally offers in-depth comments on the meaning of her Musings.


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