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No Limitations on Beauty September 9, 2008

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The Happy Musings for the Day: Life knows no limitations in expressing itself beautifully.

Everywhere you look you can find something beautiful.

I walk to work each morning from a little cottage to my gallery eight blocks away. Along the way I get to see the most beautiful roses. I smell the roses, admire their colors and thoroughly appreciate them. I don’t know if anyone else smells these flowers or notices them except as a blur when they drive by. But I do and I know the flowers appreciate the attention. Why else are they here but to be beautiful. Sometimes I tell them how lovely they are and how much I admire their particular sweet perfume. Sometimes I tell them that they brighten my day. Sometimes I just stand in awe.

Other times I’m in a hurry and I walk past the roses without taking notice of them. Later I realize that I have missed one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. I wonder if the roses noticed, on those days, that they were passed over.

Sometimes when I walk home in the evening, I walk along a path on the side of a hill that borders the ocean. The view is magnificent, especially at twilight. Pelicans sit below on white rocky outcroppings from the hill as they await the falling sun. It is peaceful except for the sounds of the seagulls hurrying to the beach They are as majestic in their own way as the pelicans and roses are in theirs. They line up on the beach to honor the setting sun, just as the roses open their faces in the morning to honor the rising sun.

I am lucky to have so much beauty around me.

“Life is wonderful!”
Copyright 2008 Sally Huss

Sally Huss has been a writer and artist all of her life. She is a native Californian who studied art at Occidental College before graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Fine Arts.

Along with her creative talents, Sally developed her skills on the tennis court. She became National Junior Champion and a Wimbledon semifinalist before putting down her racket for a full-time career as an artist/writer.

Sally’s art ranges from large and lively impressionistic canvases to deliciously colorful fish, florals and landscapes on paper. She paints daily in her gallery/studio in the heart of the art district of La Jolla, California at 7932 Ivanhoe.

By Sally Huss

Sally Huss has written and illustrated greeting card lines for Hallmark, American Greetings and Suzy’s Zoo for over 20 years. In the last 3 years she has created a daily feature called Happy Musings, which King Features syndicated for newspapers world-wide. From her archives Sally offers in-depth comments on the meaning of her Musings.


Positive Attitude April 9, 2008

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How can anyone be positive when things are going wrong? Your life is in shambles and you are unable to pick yourself and move forward. Today the world is faced with a financial crisis and people are stressed and anxious. I believe that cultivating a positive attitude will help people to move forward and relieve themselves of some of the uncertainty.

Positive attitude is a state of mind. It is when someone is hopeful and looks at the bright side of things even when the situation looks bleak and dismal. It enables a person to believe in himself/herself.

Because of my brain damage, learning simple things is challenging. My early years at school were a big struggle. I spent hours with homework. Things that should have been completed in half an hour took three hours. My parents spent hours simplifying concepts so that I understand what was being done. Studying for tests meant even more hours and I barely scraped a pass mark. Those marks did not reflect the hours I put in to the work. That was enough for me to get down and depressed. The minute my parents saw signs of self pity, they intervened. They encouraged me to celebrate my pass mark and pointed out that I was successful. They made me realize that the long hours paid off. I followed their advice and realized that the self talk was important.

The ability to have those inner conversations boosted my confidence and made me work even harder. Self talk is powerful. My positive thought pattern soon became part of me and that enabled me to overlook every obstacle I encountered. Today, I continue to look at every negative occurrence as a blessing. I seek the lesson from each situation and try to improve. I must admit that it was tough to do initially but with practice, it has become natural.

If a positive attitude has caused me to believe in myself and my limited abilities, it can work wonders for you. Think of being successful and you will work towards success. Obstacles will appear. That is a guarantee. What you do with those obstacles is what will dictate what happens. The first thing that may creep in your mind is that you cannot continue. Replace that negative thought immediately. Replace it with a positive one. The faster you do this, the better off you will be. Create a mental picture of what you want for yourself and follow the path that will lead you to success.

It is also important to surround yourself with positive people and those who want the best for you. My parents and extended family were always there to help me along the way. In like manner the positive people around you can motivate you and pick you up when things are not going the way you planned. When you develop positive attitude you will motivate yourself as well as others. You will have an aura around you that is contagious. You will be full of energy. This energy gave me the push to do well and fulfill my dreams.

What I find extremely helpful is reading inspiring stories. These I find refreshing and they remind me that anything is possible. I try to get rid of the negative in my life; people, thought or thing. Once that is done I feel free and light. I feel energetic and full of life. Positive attitude is a habit. Practise it everyday and it will become normal and part of you.

I did and I truly believe that it is a useful tool in ever person’s life. Walk through every shadow in your life and work your way to the sunlight. I continue to enjoy that sunlight.

By Azeem Kayum


9 Steps To A Healthy Diabetic Diet December 1, 2007

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Eating an appropriate diet is significant for everyone, but for diabetics, eating decent is crucial for optimum health. In decree to best balance your blood bread degree, better your power to take insulin, preserve a robust eye and remain at a perfect weight, it’s significant to consume little bread, plump, cholesterol and sodium. At the same moment, you should consume more complicated carbohydrates and fiber. Look to these guidelines to assist preserve a robust diabetic diet:

1. Eat foods made from whole grains – such as whole wheat, brown rice, oats, and whole-grain corn – every day. Use whole-grain bread for toast and sandwiches; substitute brown rice for white rice for home- cooked meals and when dining out.

2. Eat plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables—leave the edible skins on to add extra fiber into your diet. Fruits are colorful and make a welcome centerpiece for any table. Enjoy the company of family and friends while sharing a bowl of fruit.

3. Eat moderate amounts of fish, poultry and lean meat. Try alternative protein sources, such as lentils, dried peas and beans.

4. Find a water bottle you really like (from a club event, favorite sports team, etc.) and drink water from it wherever and whenever you can.

5. Gradually work your way down from whole milk to 2% until you’re drinking and cooking with fat-free (skim) or low-fat milk and milk products.

6. Try baking, broiling, poaching, steaming or microwaving instead of frying.

7. Look out for food labels with phrases like “no sugar added,” “dietetic,” or even “diabetic.” These products can contain other objectionable ingredients, like sugar substitutes, that cancel out health benefits.

8. Cook with a mix of spices instead of salt.

9. Slow down at snack time. Eating a bag of low-fat popcorn takes longer than eating a slice of cake. Peel and eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice.

By Tong Bee


Are We Our Own Prisoners? November 1, 2007

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Imagine a person in a prison. He/she has been imprisoned for life and will wait till death in the prison. What can possibly motivate such a person? What do these people look forward to in their lives? Sometimes, we are also prisoners of our thoughts and our past deeds. We also have nothing else to look forward to. We only have regrets. At least, we can do something about the conditions, but the prisoners can do nothing. Life can be depressing at times. How to inspire ourselves in such conditions? What is inspiration? ‘Inspiration’ the word as it is commonly understood means to experience a state of mind that propels us to work happily, try to achieve goals, and feel good about ourselves and the world.

How to break open the prison?

When we are not inspired and can set no goals, we feel that we are so helpless that nothing can be done. The first step would be to try finding stories of people such as Helen Keller who overcame so many difficulties to emerge victorious. That will give us a basic thought that things are not that bad. We will open at least one door of our prison with this thought. Then go back in your memory. Try and think of instances when you felt good because of some achievements. It could be something very small. Anything. Like coming first in the class in your second year in school, or getting a good remark from a teacher for an essay or for a math answer. That will break open another door.

Begin counting your blessings. Do you have a functioning kidney? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you smell? Are your hands ok and so on. Will you sell your eyes for any price? No! Who said that you have no money? You are a wealthy person who is unaware of your wealth, your blessings, Isn’t it? This will open one more door. Break the last door open by thinking of the goals you might want to achieve. Believe that you can do that. Start planning. Think of ways. Talk to people. Be ready for a long struggle but with a firm resolve that you will achieve the goals. This will take you out of the prison of your thinking and make you a new person ready to fight. Get set to go ahead. You are a winner in making!

By C.D.Mohatta


How To Live A Satisfied Married Life? October 1, 2007

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Everyone has one or the other complaint about married life. Why we are not satisfied with our marriage? Why does a married life feel so dull and compromise? How to change that and live a satisfied married life?

Dissatisfaction- the areas of dissatisfaction in a married relationship

In a marriage, the dissatisfaction may be many areas. It may be that the husband does not help the wife in household chores. The husband may complain that the wife is not helping him in growth of his career. It may have to do with difference of views about spending and saving. It may have to do with education of children? You will hear complain after complain and may wonder how people stay together with so many complaints? For success in married life it is necessary that both partners satisfy each other’s needs. If you are not satisfied, point that out to your partner so that things can be mended in time.

Love- develop love to seal the bond

Do you feel that if you both were left alone on an island for seven days, you would enjoy it? Or you will get bored? How about your self-esteem? Does your beloved make you feel good about yourself? Is his/her focus on your good qualities or sometimes faults? What about you? Are you looking for some signs of weaknesses in certain areas, or are contented and satisfied with the whole package? And how about love? Do you love each other? It is not difficult to love if you decide. Start liking the qualities of your partner. Ignore what irritates you. Listen to love songs together. Go to love spots once in a while. Have candle light dinners. Try to create a romantic atmosphere in your home.

Understanding – Understanding other’s viewpoint helps in many situations. As we have our viewpoint, so do others. Why try to enforce our thoughts on them? Why not at least try and understand what they think and why? If your spouse is angry with you, you need not react immediately. Give some time and think about all the possible reasons and you may find the answer to his/her anger. If at the end you realize that his/her anger was totally unjustified, you chose to forgive and not react angrily.

By CD Mohatta


Are You Love Addicted? September 2, 2007

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Imagine that you have a little child – a son or daughter, but that you are only 15 years old. How are you going to feel about this child? There is a good possibility that you will feel that this child is a burden, limiting your freedom. You will likely feel that the child is too demanding, needing too much from you. You may want to go out and have fun and not be tied down to this child.

Is this how you feel about your own inner child – your own feelings and needs? Does it feel burdensome to take loving care of yourself? Do you feel like your own feelings and needs are just too much to have to take care of? Do you feel like taking care of yourself is just hard? Do you believe it is selfish to take loving care of yourself? Do you wish someone else would come along and meet your emotional needs to feel loved, valued, and worthy?

If this is how you feel, it is because you have not yet done the inner work of developing a loving adult part of you – a part of you that is connected with a spiritual source of love, wisdom, strength, guidance and comfort. It is your adolescent self who is charge, and this part of you not only does not want the job of taking care of you, it is not adequate to handle the job.

This is what creates love addiction.

You have a little child inside you – your feeling self – who need lots of love, attention, comfort, valuing, validating, connection and compassion. When you have no desire to give this to yourself because you feel it is too hard, you feel too inadequate, you think it is selfish, or you believe that it is someone else’s job to meet these needs, then you are abandoning yourself. If you believe that your best feelings come from someone else loving you instead of you loving you, then you are abandoning yourself. And when you abandon yourself, that little child in you is left to get the love he or she needs elsewhere.

When you abandon yourself because you have not learned how to take loving care of yourself or because you don’t want the responsibility of your own feelings and needs, that is when you become needy of others love and attention. You learn many ways of trying to get the love, attention and compassion you need.

Think for a moment about what you do to get love, connection, attention, approval or compassion from others.

Do you try to be perfect – looking right, saying the right thing, being a high achiever? Do you try to be cute or funny? Do you try to show others how smart you are? Do you strive to have the best – the best house, the best car, the best wife or husband, the best children, the best clothing? Or, do you act helpless, incompetent, in need of rescuing? Do you pull on others with your complaining, your incessant talking, your whining, sulking, silence, or your bragging? Are you overly nice, a people-pleaser? Do you attempt to get the attention you want through intimidation – with anger, threats, blame, or violence?

When you have abandoned yourself and are love-addicted, you will have developed many ways of trying to have control over getting the love you need. That little child in you is desperate to be loved. The emptiness of the self-abandonment and the resulting longing for love leads you to behave in the very ways that end up pushing others away. It is a losing battle. IT WILL NEVER WORK. You will never get the love you need by trying to get others to give to you what only you can give to yourself.

By Margaret Paul


Top 5 Ways To Get Your Ex Back September 1, 2007

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You messed up and the woman of your dreams left you. The man you love broke your heart and you have no idea why. With Valentines Day just around the corner you might be remembering the one who “got away”. We’ve all been there, a relationship ends and you are left still longing for your ex. Well there might still be some hope left for you. It may not be fun, and it will require you to put your pride to the side, but if you follow the Top 5 Ways To Get Your Ex Back you might be able to pull it off!

Reach Out!
Do not let the lines of communication between you and your ex end, they are very hard to regain. With so many methods of communication there is no excuse for not keeping in touch. A simple phone call, email or letter to say hi and see how things are going is a good way to show that you still care and are interested. If the two of you are able to remain friends, it is much easier to remind your ex of the good times you had together and let them know you are there for the long run. Note: There is a fine line between remaining friends and becoming a stalker. Do not keep pushing your ex, know that no means no! A friend is appreciated and stalker is grounds for a restraining order. Know your limits and know when it is time to cut your losses.

Don’t Play the Field!
You may have some free time on your hands now that you and your significant other are no longer joined at the hip, don’t use this time to expand your little black book. If you are serious about getting back with your ex you need to prove to them that there is no one else for you. It does not help your cause if you are trying to make “fall back” relationships in the meantime. Often times this is hard to explain and very rarely appreciated.

Do NOT Play Games!
This one is hard to follow, it seems to be in everyone’s nature, but do not fall into the trap. Show you ex that you are committed to being and behaving like an adult. That maturity is what a person looks for in a partner and can help you rekindle that loving feeling.

Stay in Shape and Improve Yourself!
Your partner obviously did not want to be with you for a reason. Try and figure out what that reason might be, and if you feel your ex was right, work on improving it. Becoming a lifeless couch potato is not going to make your ex come running back into your arms. Try working on what you like about yourself and getting rid of what you don’t like about yourself. Even if you and your ex don’t work things out, you will have a new and improved persona to woo the world with.

Be Yourself!
We just told you should improve yourself, that doesn’t mean you should lose yourself. Your ex loved you for a reason and that was because you are a unique human being…you might have just had annoying quirks. Work on improving yourself, but don’t try to become someone you are not just to impress a potential suitor. If you do, you are not only setting yourself, but also the relationship, up for disaster. You can only pretend to be someone else for so long before it all comes crumbling down. Save yourself the trouble and learn to love yourself and others will follow along.