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Improve Your Memory August 15, 2007

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During exams preparation period students need to remember quickly and qualitatively. Good memory here may play the primary role in order to succeed in exams passing.

It is said that there are people with bad memory and there are those who are born with good memory. Indeed some people do not need to get their memory trained, they can remember incredible number of things in details within the shortest time. Others have to spend hours to remember a few terms but cannot succeed yet. However, like any other human abilities the memory can fail its functions if not being trained; and it can be developed and improved due to sufficient training. The first thing you should know about your memory is that you are able to develop it while treating it carefully and courteously.

Memory training exercises include outlining, explanation and discussion. Outlining process can help students break the information bulk into well-planned and clear tasks. Once you have planned how much information you should remember during the estimated time period you do not fear to not pass the exam anymore. The best exams preparation study outlining should include two hours with three breaks of daily study.

During these two hours of study start speaking aloud from time to time, especially while learning terms which are not exactly clear to you. It is a very good practice because you simultaneously involve two memorizing aspects – hearing and watching. Besides, speaking the new information aloud helps their understanding, once you can understand what you are remembering you would never forget it. While speaking aloud you should not only repeat but paraphrase and develop the terms you remember. So, read-repeat-paraphrase-develop exercise gets you involved into four-step memorizing and guarantees you will learn at least half of information.

Discussion is better to be provided just after two hours of study. Have an hour-break and call your friend or classmate to discuss what you have learnt today. Do not stretch your discussion, try to make it short but effective – 30 minutes-discussion would be perfect.

Remember that your memory is the gift given to you by the nature. Students often go mad on training their memory having sleepless nights and fast snacks to save time for memorizing. Good memory is the part of good health. Hamburgers feed your stomach but they do not reach the brain! Eat fruit, vegetables, greens and nuts every day. Sleep for at least eight hours at your last night before exam day.

If your brain is not fed well and it is refused to work freely and independently while you are sleeping you are going to fail your exams.

By Sharon White


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