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5 Signs Of Cheating August 1, 2007

Filed under: Tips — sarah @ 10:45 am

Do you ever wonder if your partner is cheating on you? Do you have a sneaking suspicion he is sneaking around? It can be difficult discovering whether or not your mate is cheating. Here are 5 warning signs to be on the lookout for.

No Conversation
You try to start a conversation with your boyfriend but all you get is one word answers or “not now”. He is cold to you and could care less about your concerns or emotions. He has no interest in talking to you about anything. This is a good sign he isn’t interested in you anymore and might be looking elsewhere for conversation.

Defensive Attitude
Your girlfriend gets very defensive whenever you ask innocent questions about where she has been or who she was talking to. People who are feeling nervous about their cheating will become defensive of normally routine questions and immediately start making accusations themselves. A example would be an innocent question followed by a defensive response:

(Innocent Question) “Hey, who called you when we were at dinner?”

(Defensive Response) “Why do you always have to ask so many questions? Mind your own business.”

Bad Moods
Your girlfriend always seems happy when leaving to go to work or leaving to go anywhere without you. Whenever you two are spending time together she seems miserable and depressed. She never wants to go anywhere with you, she would rather stay home or go out by herself. Constant bad moods whenever you are around is a sure sign something might be going on behind your back.

New Clothes
Your boyfriend buys a bunch of new clothes and starts concerning himself more and more with his appearance. You notice him taking longer than usual to get ready before work, or meticulously adjusting his hair before he “goes out with his friends”. He is constantly checking his appearance whenever he is getting ready to leave the house without you. He is trying to look good for someone, and it isn’t you.

Too Many Lies
You are always catching your girlfriend in lies. She says she went to the office to catch up on work, but you find out from a friend she was at the mall. Lies represent a lack of trust and commitment on her part. If the lies keep piling up, you should be concerned she is trying to hide something from you.



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