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Keep the Magic Alive with Your Life Partner July 10, 2007

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There is a common misconception that the hardest part of a relationship is finding your life partner. Not true! The hard work starts once you have found and committed to that person. Once the ‘honeymoon’ period is over in a relationship it requires you to make a choice to continue to build into the relationship and keep the magic alive.

If your relationship is based on a strong friendship and you have common interests you have something that you can work with straight away. Keeping the magic alive in a relationship needs to be intentional. Take time to think about and plan activities that you can do together to reconnect. Below is a list of activities that you can do daily, weekly, monthly and once a year to keep the magic alive in your life partner relationship.

Take time each day to show your affection for each other. Take time to touch and tell your partner that you love them. Find something about your day that makes you both laugh.

Once a week do something active that lifts your spirits, go for a walk together and spend time discussing your week. Organise a regular date night with your partner. Boost your partner’s self esteem by encouraging them. Write them a note or a card expressing your love and appreciation for them.

Monthly, take time to clear the air of damaging emotions and start fresh in your relationship. Intentionally focus on intimacy. In long term relationships where intimacy is not the priority of both partners in the relationship it can become stale and cause problems if you do not take time to intentionally focus on it.

Once a year in your relationship review your top ten highlights together and in your individual lives. This will reconnect you with your partner on your journey through life. Share your victories and your struggles. Take time to chart the course for the coming year. Set goals together and plan your future.

When you choose to intentionally spend time on your relationship you will reap the rewards. Anything worth doing in life is worth working for and having happy relationships is the key to happiness in life.

By Anita Rossow


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