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What’s Missing In Your Life? June 26, 2007

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No matter what you do, you will never be truly happy until you are living your purpose. The good news is…your purpose can be anything you say it is. That sure takes the pressure off.

How are you using your natural talents?

Do you even know what your natural talents are? Most people don’t. Perhaps they know their talents but don’t use them. When you don’t use your natural talents you are not living your life purpose.

Why it is important to know and live your purpose.

1. You will never be truly happy until you are doing what you love.

The world is waking up to the need for spiritual connection. This is not just happening to you or me. People all over the world are feeling it. The phenomenal response to the film, The Secret, is just one example of the large number people desperately searching for meaning and purpose. The Law of Attraction is creating amazing results in peoples lives just by becoming aware of it and practicing the principles.

Your search for meaning has a lot to do with your mission and life purpose. Your purpose is what excites you. It gives you meaning. It brings you the greatest sense of happiness and joy. It’s that very deep inner sense of joy that you only feel when you are doing something that you truly love to do.

You will not find true happiness if you’re working because you “need the money”. You will find it when you’re working because you love what you do. Until then, you will always feel there is something missing in your life. Always.

No amount of material trappings will ever fill the void. Once you get one thing you will search for something else thinking that will make you happy. It won’t. You will feel that vague sense of emptiness that you can only fill by feeding your soul.

I speak from experience because for too many years, I was feeding my hunger with material things but my soul was starving. I learned an important lesson, which leads to the second reason why it is so important that you know and live your purpose.

2. The world is waiting for you to use your natural talents.

Nothing you do will ever make you happy until you are giving the world the talents that you were born to give. It’s not about you. It’s about you contributing to the planet.

You were given your special talents for a very specific reason. There are people, creatures, or parts of the planet that are waiting only for you and they will not “get it” until you give it. Whether it is to write the book, to sing the song, to save the animals, nurture the earth, whatever “it” is, do it.

Think of a time when someone said or did something that changed your life or your whole way of thinking. It was so profound that you immediately got it! It could have been something you’ve heard or read many times before but it was how this person said it or wrote it, or did it that resonated with you. Only that person could have done it for you.

People are waiting for you to say or do just the right thing so they will get what they need. That is your responsibility. You dying with your song or book still inside of you is irresponsible to yourself and to the people who are counting on you.

Yes, it can be scary at first but do it anyway. Trust that you will be 100% supported by the Universe. The old saying “Jump and you will find your wings on the way down” is true. But you won’t know that until you actually take the leap.

You will feel peace and calm that some people cannot imagine. You will have a deep inner knowing that you are being taken care of and that absolutely everything you ever want or need is available to you.

It is available to you and anyone else who wants it. Every one of us was born with the same opportunity to express our talents and genius in a way that is unique to us. Some choose to take advantage of it and others don’t.

I’ll leave you with a final quote. “That which is in you and expressed will set you free. That which is in you and not expressed will eat you from the inside.” Author unknown.

Aim High!

By  Lavera J. Gaston


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