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The Reasons Why Some People Keep Having Problems May 21, 2007

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Are you a person who is beset with problems? As soon as you solve one problem another one appears to take its place. Sometimes the same problem or the same type of problem keeps coming back to haunt you. I have the solution for you.

Firstly Distinguish Between Real Problem and Perceived Problems.

One reason that some people keep having problems is that they choose to see everything in their life as if it were a problem. If you gave those people a million dollars then they would be unhappy because they would see that money as a source of problems. They would worry about losing it. They would worry about what to do with it. They would worry about other people wanting it. They would worry about whether or not they deserved it.

The first thing you need to do to minimize the problems in your life is to develop the skill of determining what really is a problem and what you are simply turning into a problems. Whenever you have a problem ask yourself how much of this problem is real and how much of this problem coming from the way I am thinking about the situation?

Think about someone you know who never seems to have problems and ask yourself if that person were faced with this situation would they see it as a problem or not?

If you keep creating problems out of everything then the real problem for you to solve is why you keep doing that. There must be some underlying reason why you won’t allow yourself to be happy. Solve that problem and all the imagined problems will go away.

If You Keep Having Real Problems Then You Have Something That You Need To Learn.

If you keep having genuine problems then they are a sign that there is something that you need to learn. Look at the problem and ask yourself what lesson you can learn by solving the problem.

There are two important parts to learning. The first part is to identify what the learning is and the second part is to put that new learning into practice in your life. Simply recognizing the lesson is not enough to stop those problems from occurring. Unless you adopt the newly acquired knowledge as part of your life then your subconscious will keep creating similar problems for you.

The Faster You Learn the Lesson the Sooner You Can Change the Problem Pattern.

If you have to learn the lesson and apply it in your life then it makes sense to do that as soon as possible.

Some people however, insist on being given the same lesson over and over again. They keep making the same mistakes. They keep wasting their money or they keep choosing the same type of romantic relationships that never works out or they keep mixing with the same people who are taking them nowhere.

If you insist on being a slow learner then your subconscious will insist on providing you with similar learning opportunities over and over again. Once you accept the learning and apply it in your life then you will be able to move on. The choice is yours to make.

By James Delrojo


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