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Win Back Your Wife May 13, 2007

Filed under: Tips — sarah @ 7:06 am

Want to get your wife back? Do you think that you will never get her back no matter what you do?

Well, everybody has these kind of thoughts. However, if you want to solve your marriage problems and win your wife back, make sure that you are going into it with a positive attitude. Look at all your troubles as learning lessons – rather than the end of the world.

If you are determined to get your wife back, the best thing to do at the beginning, is to give her the space she needs. The more you call your wife and try to get her back, the less likely it is that she’ll come back. Remember that some women want to experience something different and that does not necessarily means that she doesn’t love you. She might just be confused. At this point you need to build up your self esteem, and let her know that you are confident with yourself. In time she will realize that she really misses being with you.

The most important things to do if you want her back is to let your wife know how you feel. However, don’t make yourself too available for her. You don’t want to give her the power to feel in control of the relationship. It is unlikely that she is going to rush back to you, in this situation, because she knows she owns you.

Start over with your wife as though you have just met. Pursue her like you did before marriage. Start dating her again. Ask her on a real date – a romantic dinner, dancing, movies, or perhaps something more romantic and creative than this. Show her that you are the man that she originally fell in love with. Be the most romantic person she’s ever met and keep on doing this even after you get her back.


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