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How to avoid overeating April 15, 2007

Filed under: Health — sarah @ 7:53 am

1. Slow down, chew atleast 20 minutes to consume a meal. Taking longer to eat will make you feel as though you are eating more. Enjoy the conversation and companionship.

2. Eat only while sitting down. Much extra food is consumed on the run. Make it a point to sit down while eating it will help you think about how much you are consuming.

3. Eat off smaller plates.

4. Drink a 12-ounce glass of water before eating. It will take up room in your stomach and make you feel less hungry.

5. Wait 10 minutes before snacking. Between meal snacks are usually impulsive acts. A wait before eating them will often make you realise you aren’t hungry after all.

6. Keep the right stuff up front. Make such foods as fruits and vegetables readily available by keeping them in the front of the refrigerator shelves.


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