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Cologne For Men – How To Buy For Him April 11, 2007

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Don’t think that women are the only ones who are vain. In this age of metrosexuals, men are slowly being wrapped into the vanity fold, maybe even more so than their female counterparts. They are now concerned with how they look, what they wear and even how they smell. Guys, whether you believe it or not, buy skin care products, lotions and colognes.With the diaspora of male grooming products, it is now doubly hard to choose which products fit your man. New lines of men cologne, facial wash, aftershave have for instance mushroomed all over the place, making it more difficult for a woman to choose the perfect gift.

Buying a cologne or perfume that would complement the natural scent of your man can be a bit tricky especially if the word “metrosexual” and “fashion” has not entered his vocabulary. It will take quite a ruckus for some women to actually convince their man to put a scent, let alone put the “scent” that you have bought.

1.Know your budget
Before you go hightailing in a shopping spree, first determine just how much you are willing to shell out for a bottle of cologne for men. Remember that colognes for men are not exactly inexpensive. One bottle can put a dent in your savings especially those that are already established in the market.

Department stores allow customers to try on different scents. Men cologne counters even give samples of their products sprayed on paper. Sniff around and take home some samples. You can even ask your man to choose from the men cologne samples that you brought. You can also check out the new brands in men’s magazines such as GQ and the like.

3.Ask other men
One of the few people you can ask are his friends. Chances are, they know what men cologne he likes or have an inkling on what kind he will like. You can also ask advice from department store clerks especially those that man men cologne counters.

4.Raid his closet
Men, let’s face it, are quite fastidious. In buying cologne for men, it will be easier and simpler if you just buy another bottle of what he is already using.

5.Fish around
Casually inform him of the new brands of colognes for men in the market. Chances are, he might have heard something about a brand.

6.Take him shopping
Yes. The thought of shopping might cause him to scream his lungs out but this is a surefire way to giving him a cologne for men that he would not keep in the darkest corners of his closet.

7.Trust your instincts
If you have been together for quite some time now, you will by now have an idea on what his taste on men colognes. To be on the safe side, the cologne for men that closely resembles the scent of the brand he is using right now.

8.Shop on sale or promos
Timing your purchase of colognes for men when there are promos like discounts or free gifts will not only save you a good deal, it will also give you a “second” gift. Usually, brands of men colognes give belts, caps, ties or discounts that would allow you to buy another gift.



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