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How To Win While Losing March 13, 2007

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Have you ever felt like you were losing more than you were winning in life? Although most people don’t like to hear this, trials, loses, fatigue, and discouragement are all part of winning!

I know that may not be very encouraging but if you are going through one of those seasons, then you should be very encouraged. Winning isn’t easy. If it was, then there wouldn’t be such a great desire to win or be successful in life. Pierre Corneille says it like this, ‘When there is no peril in the fight there is no glory in the triumph.’

Think about it, don’t you like to see documentaries or read something about someone where they have overcome insurmountable odds to achieve triumph in the end? You see, it may seem like you are losing, but the truth of the matter is that the only losers are the ones that quit playing the game altogether.

So how do you win while it feels like you are losing?

1. Stay focused on the end result. The easiest ways to give up is to focus on your short-term battles and losses and forget why you started in the first place. Don’t take your eyes off of the reason why you are in this. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of this. Post this around your house, office, or car so that it will encourage you and remind you that you are in this for something much greater than any temporary setback, loss, or failure.

2. Surround yourself with winners. By surrounding yourself with other winners and successful people, you are putting constant reminders in front of you that it can be done. This can be done by actually being around successful people, or by watching or reading something that will inspire and motivate you to keep on going.

3. Don’t forget your previous victories. Although you may not have won the war yet, there are smaller battles that you have won that are constant reminders to you that you can win. Don’t be like most people and forget these smaller victories when you are in the heat of battle.

Whatever you do, don’t stop pressing for victory. Just remember that the greater the battle, that greater the victory and triumph. You are well able to do more than you think you can. True greatness is formed when you are stretched beyond what you think you are capable of to discover that you were created to do the impossible.

By Jason  Osborn


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