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3 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog March 12, 2007

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Blogs have come a long way in the past few years. It seems like everyone and their brother either has a blog or wants to start one. One thing that many people do not know is that you can actually make money with your blog.

If you would like to start bringing in money just by running your own blog you may want to consider these money making ideas:

1. If you do not mind posting small reviews of products on your blog, then may be enticing to you. You just sign up with them and they will provide you with links to promote to your blog. Once they verify that you have placed the link in a post, they pay you, it’s that easy.

2. One of the biggest moneymakers these days for Webmasters is placing Google adsense ads on their sites and blogs. If you have a WordPress blog, then all you have to do is download the plug-in through a site like and sign up for Google adsense. Once you are ready to go you just plug-in a small code that Google gives you and you will get paid every time someone clicks on the ads.

3. Another very popular ways to make money with your blog or website is by promoting affiliate links. Affiliate links are provided by companies that will pay you a certain percentage of each sale made through your unique link. Just go to any popular company website and sign up for their affiliate or partner program. Most of them are free to sign-up and very easy to implement.

The above techniques can really bring in a nice extra income if your blog is getting daily visitors. Don’t let the potential pass by. You can continue to enjoy posting on your blog and enjoy some extra money at the same time.

Alternatively, you can refer others to Google adsense and various affiliate programs and get paid for that as well. There is an unlimited income potential for those willing to take action and implement these moneymakers.

If this sounds appealing, but you do not have any visitors coming to your blog, then start promoting it. Blog promotion is very easy and anyone can do it. Just do a Google search for ‘blog directory’ and post your blog to as many as possible. Go to and social bookmark every post you make. Just using these two promotion techniques can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog.

About the Author

Joshua Spaulding is an Author and Webmaster providing Proven ways to Make Money Online including how to Make a Free Blog. Joshua would like to invite you to join in on the Free Online Training through his website at


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