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Sneaky ways to learn more about you! March 1, 2007

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Girl, there’s more to you than meets the eye. Like, do you know what that red drop-sleeve top you picked out says about your personality? Or that the day you were born, the way you sign your name and even what kinds of animals roam your yard reveal secret clues about you? No need to be a stranger to yourself, is there? Get ready to peel off a few layers of your persona.

What your favorite COLOR says about you!

When you shop for hack-to-school clothes, is “Think pink” your personal mantra? Or does your bedroom scream, “I’m passionate about purple!”? Believe it or not, your favorite color says a lot about who you are. Read on to figure out your very own made-in-the-shade “me” mysteries….


You drama queen, you! Girls who love red are outgoing and love being the center of attention. One thing you should watch, though, is that hot temper of yours. Because you’re strong-willed, it’s easy to get into shouting matches with people about the stupidest things. You might need to learn how to count to 10 before you speak–or maybe even 11 or 12!


You’re a real bud! If you favor orange, you’re a happy person with a positive attitude about life. When people meet you, they know right away they’ve found a friend. Your gentle spirit and sweet energy could attract all kinds of cool people. Your sympathetic ear makes people feel comfortable confessing their innermost secrets to you.


You love clowning around! If yellow is your favorite color, you’ve probably been voted “Funniest Girl in the Class” at least once. You have a great sense of humor and are known to act goofy, especially when trying to cheer somebody up. You could easily turn your talent for performing into a hobby or even a career. Try auditioning for the school play or singing in a band–you’ll be signing autographs before you know it!


If you love green, you’re way insightful. You have an eerie knack for sizing people up the minute you meet them. Others might find your smarts a bit intense–you figure things out pretty quickly. You can tackle probs both at school and in your personal life without blinking an eye. Your poise and sense of calm mean you can succeed in almost any situation.


Cold hands, warm heart! If you’re drawn to blue, you’re emotional and big-hearted. Sometimes you can get so caught up in what other people are feeling that you experience their ups and downs right along with them. At times, you’re supersensitive–crying one minute and laughing the next. Stay grounded with activities like sports or working out. Sweating it out can help balance your emotions when you get too out of whack.


Creativity is your middle name! If pink intrigues you, you’re totally imaginative. You’re the one who always comes up with that extra cool, extra special way of doing any project. You love color, arts and crafts, and graphic design. In art class, you’re probably ahead of your time, so keep developing those talents. After graduation, you could rise to the top in any field where creativity counts.


No autographs, please. If you love purple, you have a special magnetism–you draw all eyes your way. You are powerful and larger than life, and people are very attracted to you (boys hover around you like bees!). Maybe you could use this energy to become an actress or musician. The challenge could be learning how to work hard, because sometimes things are handed to you. Careful–you won’t always be the teacher’s pet!


Hello, Vampira! If you love black, then you love being mysterious and don’t like other people knowing your business. You might have unusual hobbies or clothing styles, and people might sometimes hassle you because your tastes are different. But don’t let their short-sighted comments get to you. Some people are very threatened by those who have their own vision. Stand your ground, and dare to be unique!


“Don’t sweat it,” is your motto. If white is your color, you’re very balanced as a person. People might accuse you of being an open book because you have nothing to hide. You live life simply, and you avoid complicated relationships and mean-spirited cliques. Your no-nonsense approach to life leaves you plenty of energy to focus on the important things. Your talent for reaching out to others in need means you’ll make a real difference in the world!

Your is at future hand!



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