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Wife found lover on the internet. The lover turned out to be her husband! February 28, 2007

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This remarkable incident happened in China. The Life newspaper managed to contact Chinese journalists and find out the details of this amazing story.There was a usual Chinese family. The wife (her name was Ji) was a teacher at the University and the husband (Gven) was a manager of some commercial firm. They have been together for 12 years and a son is a fruit of their happy marriage. The people around always considered them to be the perfect couple and envied their love. But then it seemed to the spouses there was something missing in their relationship.

One fine evening Ji went to the Internet class after work, turned a computer on and surfed on the world wide web. Then she suddenly posted a message, a very open message to the mail box of one of “women-seek-men” sites. The subject of the e-mail was: “I Want You” with the signature “Seductive Woman”. This adventurous message got 5 thousand replies from men! Some of them were asking tons of questions to her, others were offering to meet that instant, promising fantastic sex and loads of other enjoyment. Ji selected several dozens of all those letters. Her husband’s e-mail was among them! She did not know about it though.

Doing some business for his company Gven was surfing the net for hours until he suddenly came across the site which his wife had sent a message to. He was about to shut the computer down, when he saw the subject of one of the messages “I Want You”. “Why not?”,- was Gven’s idea. His reply was as follows: “My dearest, I have been waiting for you for my entire life! I had a presentiment our meeting would take place eventually. I am happy! Kisses”. And the signature was “Your Lover”. He realized there were thousands of such men in China and was not hoping for a respond. You can imagine he was jumping for joy after it actually happened. The Seductive Woman wrote to her Lover: “I am undressing you. You are so sweet”.

The computer love affair was developing very fast, in just a couple of days the spouses warned each other they would stay longer at work than usual. They sat at their computers and were writing the most intimate fantasies to each other, their desires, Ji made complaints about her husband who she was tired of. He was on his way to Seductive Woman’s heart with the words of admiration and love, he was writing beautiful poems to her. On their way back home they were looking for explanations for they were expecting a scandal. Ji was going to tell Gven she was talking to a friend of hers all night long and Gven referred to some urgent work he had to do with a trip to the neighborhood.

The spouses met at the doors of their apartment. “Where are you coming from that late?” was the question they asked to each other simultaneously. They narrated their made up stories and went to bed.

The Lover and the Seductive Woman communicated via the net daily afterwards. Each day drew them closer to each other. Finally Gven’s patience was exhausted and he wrote: “My beautiful dream! I have known you for a month only, but it seems to me I have known you for my whole life! You are my ideal and I am full of desire to meet you in reality”. She replied she was dreaming about the real meeting as well. The Lover set the date on the small old bridge in the center of the city. She gave her consent to come. They agreed they would recognize each other holding a newspaper in their hands.

Ji was the first who recognized him. She fainted. Gven rushed over to her and when he recognized his own wife instead of the beautiful stranger, he was shocked.

When Ji recovered, she started beating her husband all over. She was yelling she hated him, that he was spying on her underhandedly. “You are spying on me yourself!” – the furious husband was screaming back. Only the police managed to pull them apart. At the police station they narrated their story and started laughing their heads off. It was time to call 911.

Ji and Gven left the police holding each other by their hands. Now they assure they are the ideal couple in China. “Just think about it – I chose her from a billion of the Chinese and she chose me – isn’t this a miracle?” – Gven says. The happy couple says they will never be apart: for a month of computer communication they learned more about themselves than during those 12 years of marriage.


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  1. prvdz Says:

    wow.. cool…

  2. goggle Says:

    Grande sito!!

  3. Dex Says:

    I have this article at 4 yrs ago. This is not new. This article was posted on Feb 28th 2007. Maybe some reader find it new.

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    Law of Attraction

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