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10 Things You Oughta Know About Cheating February 24, 2007

Filed under: Tips — sarah @ 12:42 am

When you chat the person who gets hurt the most is you. Cheating is a form of lying – if you cheat you are also a liar. Just because others are cheating doesn’t mean it is OK for you to do so.

When you cheat in school the short term reward may be a good grade but the long term effect of the action is denying yourself knowledge and the satisfaction of achievement.

If you feel the need to cheat in school it shows that you need help in that subject. Getting help will curb the urge to cheat and help you succeed in the long run.

Cheating in a romantic relationship is very un-cool. If you are uncommitted enough to cheat you should break off the relationship and save the other person a great deal of heart ache. The pain and humiliation of being cheated on is never worse than the pain of being broken up with.

No matter what you tell yourself about your reasons for cheating your motivations are purely selfish.

Nobody ever cheats for the sake of another person.

Telling on a person who is cheating is not “ratting”, especially when the cheating directly impacts the lives of others (for example: people cheating on a test that is graded on a curve, or your friend is cheating on his girlfriend). You are not doing anybody any favors by covering up for a cheater.

It is never too late to come clean about cheating. There will be consequences but when you admit to cheating you have already taken the first step toward making amends and others will respect that.

Cheating rarely occurs in isolation. It is a fact that it gets
easier to cheat each time that you do it, especially if you don’t get caught. The likelihood that a person will cheat again is directly related to whether or not they have gotten.


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