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What I Have Done Wrong? February 17, 2007

Filed under: Life — sarah @ 2:36 am

Many people especially women affirm that they are more attracted by inner values like a good heart than by outer values like beauty or money.

Assuming that this is true, why do so many men with great inner values have so many problems in getting a woman?

Most people are not aware of what makes them decide the way they do. Some know but want to be polite. But this politeness will not help you at all.

Like it is common in nature only the strong should survive. The weak and handycaped should die out. This sounds hard but it is the proven truth concerning all species. Like it is the case with animals this dieing out is achieved by not reproducing.

The decission wether a man is allowed to reproduce his genomes is made by women. The criteria of what is worth to be reproduced is determind by the basic settings of her brain (like in a ROM-chip of a computer). Most women are not completely aware of what they find attractive when meeting a man.

Sometimes they say that the man is good looking but they are not able to define what is “good”. If the man is not really good looking and they decide for this man the say that he has something special but they are not able to define what is “special”

Women decide by your look and your status in society corresponding with your income. The fact that you are a nice guy would not help you much.

So don’ t become angry with women, it is not their fault, it’ s just a program, run by nature.

The first one is someone who carries excellent genetic material in his testicles. That means that he is very healthy, strong and quick has very male facial contours ( lower jaw, chin, high positioned cheek bones) has a moderate browned skin a symmetric face, good white teeth, healty shining full hair and maybe a dominant character.

The second one is someone who will be able to take care for her and her children, someone who she can rely on and who is able to buy everythink she and her children need. He should be a well regarded person in society too. This does not mean that he should be a celebrity but he should not be someone everybody looks down to (looser). Patience and low aggression are advantages.

These two requirements are difficult to forfill but you have to especially when you want a satisfactory long lasting relationship.

When a woman decides to have just sex with a man the first is more important than the second. When she is looking for a serious relationship the second becomes more important. Never think that the second is able to replace the first completely. The oppostite has a higher probability.

So don’ t become angry with women, it is not their fault, it’ s just a program, run by nature.


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