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Does He Love Me Enough? February 8, 2007

Filed under: Love — sarah @ 7:09 pm


There can be no progress in the future without your honest evaluation of the present.Be very honest and think about which description most applies to you.

OUTSTANDING: My relationship is all that I have dreamed it would be.My mate respects and loves me and would do anything to make me happy.It’s romantic and exciting.He tells me how much he loves me all the time.

VERY GOOD: My mate loves me and we have a good relationship.We do have a few minor problems but so does everyone.He treats me with kindness and respect and it is thoughtful.He often tells me how much he loves me.

GOOD: Overall, I feel we have a relationship will endure. We have some problems between us,and frequently experience friction, but I feel my mate essentially loves me.Although he may not tell me he loves me very often,I am confident that he does.

TOLERABLE: Although we have no serious problems, our relationship is basically dull and uninteresting. I know that he still cares for me but I feel like my mate takes me for granted most of the time. We don’t spend a lot of time together. Most of the time he doing at least one of the following: escaping to tv,sports,out with his friends or buried in his work. He seems to show very little interest in improving our relationship.

UNHAPPY: I am dissappointed with my relationship. My mate is short with me most of the time. He has very little interest in what I do and spends too much time away from home. We are like ships that pass in the night. There doesn’t seem to be any closeness at all.

MISERABLE: My mate is cold and indifferent to me. He acts like he has little or no respect for me. He is critical of almost everything I do. He never tells me he loves me anymore and seems like he could care less if I left him.

So Which Category Is Your Relation In?



One Response to “Does He Love Me Enough?”

  1. jennifer Says:

    i think my bf loves me enough…i can tell from his eyes!

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