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Another Touching Love Story February 6, 2007

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There was this loving couple who known each other since young and they been together for a very long time. Their love was strong. One day the guy’s parents had decided to sent him overseas to further his for a few years, the girl was very upset and she cried every nite. However, she knew that he has no go over no matter what she say. At the airport on that very day, before he left the girl hugged him and whisper into his ears and she told him that she would wait for him to come back she promised. Months have passed since he left and still they continue to exchange their love vows and pledge thru phone calls and emails everyday.

One day while the girl was crossing the road after work a drunken driver who was speeding knocked onto her. She was then conveyed by an ambulance admitted into the hospital, her condition was unconscious and she had fallen into a comma. The only thing that she could barely remember were the loud horn of the vehicle, the flashing of the headlights, the screeching sound and the impact of the accident as the vehicle hit onto her but the at that very moment her greatest fear was not death, she was thinking of the guy she fear she might not see him again.

After a few hours of being in comma the girl finally woke up to the crying sound of her parents who were sitting beside her in the hospital ward and her mum was holding on tightly to her hand. Seeing her parents both so sad she wanted to open her mouth and console them but to her shock and horror as she wanted to say something nothing came out from her mouth. No matter how hard she tried, but to no avail. That’s when she burst out in tears and though she had not suffer any scars or major injury on her she has lost one thing that has cause her never to be the same person again … her voice.

After she was discharged from hospital she returned home and cried everyday when she heard the phone ringing, it was the guy who was trying to call her. She wrote down in pen and paper told her parents and all her friends not to let the guy know about the accident and the handicap she’s left to live with. All she can do is cry everytime she hear the phone ring and it hurt her heart. She then send the guy an email telling him that she would no longer be waiting for him anymore as she had met someone else someone better someone nicer than him and told him to take care with this she ended her painful letter. When the guy recieved this letter his heart was shattered he felt lost and cheated .. deeply hurt. Nevertheless, he kept calling and sending emails hoping for a reply. He was desperate and helpless. He didn’t want to lose her but he had no other choice as he wasn’t given one. Despite his endless calls and countless emails which was rejected and shun away by the girl’s parents, he still loved her dearly and his mind was filled with memories of them when they were together.

Few years passed and one day the girl’s best friend came up and told her that the guy has returned from his overseas studies. She just nodded because there was nothing she could do and she wanted the guy to find someone else someone better someone who has her voice and not someone like her although deep inside her heart she knew she had never stop loving him but she choose to suffer alone. The guy did not let the matter rest so easily despite being rejected and push away. He kept looking for all her friends those that he knew off and asked them what actually happened. After searching and probbing for so long finally he met the girl’s best friend who finally told him about the accident and what exactly happened because she felt that the girl still had feelings for him and she did not want to she her friend suffer.

One year later the girl’s best friend told her she wanted to passed her something and they met up. When the girl recieved the wedding invitation card from her friend to the guy’s wedding she broke down in what seems like endless tears her heart was shattered. But as she opened and read the invitation she noticed that her name was in it and when she looked up and was about to asked her friend what this was all about she saw the guy standing infront of her and using sign language he said ” Since I returned from overseas I spended one year learning sign language because I have not forgotten you and I want to be able to look after you for the rest of my life … I love you !”


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